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What Defense Should You Teach Youth Players (Zone, Man, Press)??

Coach 5th-6th Grade girls basketball. In league play there is not back court pressure. So really on defense it is a half court game. Unlike the boys at this age most of the girls skill levels are so low that coaches run simple zone offenses with may some real simple rotations, movement or picks.

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What We Did With Our 5th Grade Girls Team – Offense, Defense ...

switching defenses… changing from man to zone; I think the only defense we did not see yet is the 1-3-1 zone. It is ludicrous that 5th grade teams play all these different defenses trying to get the advantage. At one tournament we literally faced 4 different presses and 4 different half court defenses!

The Best Defense For Youth Basketball

a. Zone defense creates poor defensive habits. To name just a few… • A zone defense creates lazy on-ball defenders. In the Pack Line, on-ball defense is exactly the same as man-to-man defense. • In a zone, defense players guard an area by standing and watching the basketball. In the Pack Line, defense players have a direct opponent and must be constantly adjusting their off-ball position. • In a zone defense, there are minimal opportunities to defend a ball screen. In the Pack Line ...

How to Teach a 2-3 (2-1-2) Zone Basketball Defense

2-3 (2-1-2) Zone Basketball Defense. Summary. This zone is similar to the 2-3 zone that Jim Boeheim uses at Syracuse. This is can be a very effective zone defense, because it still covers the 3-point arc as well as the inside game. Youth Coaches: Even though, you CAN win more games, AVOID playing any type of zone defense, because it can teach bad habits and hinder the long-term development of your players.

Zone Defense in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Zone ...

Technique for playing zone defense in basketball. Learn how to set up a 2-3 zone in this free youth basketball lesson video from an experienced coach.Expert:...

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Simple 1-3-1 Offense to Dominate a 2-3 Zone Defense

The 'Trilogy' 1-3-1 offense will allow your team to get the basketball into the gaps of the opposition's zone defense. This will create scoring opportunities close to the hoop instead of throwing up a bunch of wild three-point attempts.

Basics of Zone Defense - YouTube

In this video we'll look at the fundamentals of zone defense. We'll look at the various defensive sets, why you would want to choose one set over another an...

Basketball Zone Plays - Dynamic Zone Offense Plays Against ...

Double - Great zone play that can be executed against a 2-3 zone, a 3-2 zone, and even a 1-3-1 zone defense. Overload - Very simple zone play that is effective against all zone defenses. Overload 2 - This is a variation of the Overload zone play to help you get more easy buckets. Pitt - This is a great zone play to use against 2-3 zone defenses. Jamie Dixon popularized this play to beat Syracuse's zone defense.

Zone Offense | Basketball Plays vs Zone Defense

The two most important things to keep in mind when attacking any zone defense are spacing and ball movement. If you can force the defense to slide back and forth across the court, eventually you'll be able to find a crack in their armor. But it doesn’t matter how fast you’re moving the ball if your players aren’t in the right spots. Take advantage of the fact that the defense has only ...